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Glass_burnt_orange_foil_lined_copper_celtic_almonds_Earriings.jpg Celtic Burnt orange foil lined twisted glass beads with solid copper on black metal158 viewsThe dark orange of the foil lined glass is a perfect foil for the almond shaped Celtic design copper beads. No gold or silver is needed to create the drama of the three colour shades of burnt orange, copper and black, in these stunning earrings.
$26.00 AU
Apr 28, 2008
Pearls_white_nugget_11mm_drop_vermeil_gold_beads_rolled_gold_long_earrings.jpg White 11mm peanut nugget pearls gold vermeil earrings102 viewsWhite peanut shaped nugget pearls teamed with stunning 24ct thickly coated vermeil gold beads. The hooks and pins are made from gold filled wire. They match a necklace - follow the link for 'Pearls.'
$37.00 AU
Sep 25, 2007