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Pearls_dark_blue_potato_11mm_large_Bali_bead_and_clasp_necklace_with_earrings.jpg Dark blue 11mm potato pearl necklace with stunning Balinese feature bead and clasp with matching earrings.117 viewsThis is the most stunning pearl necklace I have made to date. The peals are big and have enough impact to carry the beautiful Balinese clasp and feature centre bead. The matching earrings are stunning in their own right.
Necklace SOLD
and earrings $29.00 AU AVAILABLE
Pearls_white_peanut_and_nugget_11mm_drop_vermeil_gold_beads_rolled_gold_necklace_and_earrings.jpg White peanut nugget pearl drop necklace with vermeil gold beads and matching earrings98 viewsThis one is a beauty. A one off creation with beautiful peanut shaped nugget pearls teamed with stunning 24ct thickly coated vermeil Balinese feature beads. A single unusually shaped pearl makes the perfect drop to complete this unusual design. See 'Earrings' link for a closeup of the matching earrings
Necklace $110.00 AU and earrings $35.00 AU
Pearls_cranberry_red_potato_vermeil_beads_necklace_and_studs.jpg Cranberry red pearl and Balinese vermeil necklace with matching stud earrings.39 viewsThe rich red of cranberries, this stunning round pearl necklace and matching stud earrings will add elegance to your chosen outfit. The gold beads are vermeil made from 24ct (thickly) coated solid sterling silver.
Necklace $75.00 AU and earrings $22.00 AU
Pearls_silver_9mm_oval_Bali_fancy_silver_necklace.jpg Stunning silver 9mm oval pearl necklace with Balinese fancy sterling silver beads.45 viewsThis stunning silver 9mm oval pearl necklace with Balinese fancy sterling silver beads also has matching earrings. Just click on the link 'Earrings - sterling silver'.
Necklace $80.00 AU
Pearls_deep_blue_9mm_nugget_Bali_silver_necklace_and_long_earrings.jpg Deep blue 9mm nugget pearls combine with sterling silver Balinese beadswith matching earrings.20 viewsLovely quality cultured nugget pearls in stunning deep blue set of by sterling silver Balinese beads. Unique design with matching earrings.
Necklace $75.00 AU and earrings $27.00 AU
Pearls_biwa_stick_green_gold_vermeil_and_rolled_gold_necklace_and_earrings.jpg Biwa stick green gold pearls necklace with vermeil Balinese 24ct beads and rolled gold clasp and matching earrings91 viewsOne of a kind Biwa stick pearl necklace in shimmering green gold tones. The gold beads quite beautiful Balinese vermeil - 24ct gold coated sterling silver. The clasp is in rolled gold. it comes with matching earrings which can be teamed with the necklace or are a statement all on their own.
Necklace $95.00 AU and earrings $33.0 AU
Pearls_dark_red_11mm_ovals_Bali_silver_necklace_and_earrings.jpg Dark red 11mm oval pearl necklace with feature Balinese sterling silver beads and matching earrings.16 viewsThe dark red pearls a big and beautiful as well as a lovely quality. All the beads and the clasp are solid sterling silver from Bali. The focus bead has stars and moons. The earrings also feature Balinese beads and connectors. To feel very special, enjoy these one off designs knowing that you are wearing something unique.
Necklace $85.00 AU and earrings 35.00 AU
Pearls_peacock_green_9mm_ovals_Bali_beads_and_clasp_long_necklace.jpg Peacock green 9mm oval Pearls with Bali beads and clasp26 viewsThis is a striking 53cm long peacock green 9mm oval pearl with Bali beads necklace with a fancy silver clasp. The metal is all sterling silver. The clasp is designed to be stationed at the side of the necklace. Matching earrings are also available.
Necklace $90.00 AU and earrings $28.00 AU
Pearls_copper_gold_coin_with_crystals_rolled_gold_necklace_and__long_earrrings.jpg Copper gold coin pearls with Swarovski crystals on rolled gold46 viewsA stunning coin pearl necklace in dramatic copper tones with amber coloured Swarovski crystals and Balinese vermeil beads. Each link is hand wire wrapped.
Necklace $95.00 AU Earrings $35.0 AU
Pearls_copper_5mm_potato_x_3_strands_Lampwork_clasp.jpg Copper 5mm potato pearls x 3 strands with original lampwork clasp and amber accents31 viewsThis is an unusual multi strand pearl necklace featuring a stunning lamp work glass clasp and Baltic amber accents. It comes with matching earrings constructed on rolled gold.
Necklace $175.00 AU Earrings $22.00 AU
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