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Glass_burnt_orange_foil_lined_copper_celtic_almonds_Earriings.jpg Celtic Burnt orange foil lined twisted glass beads with solid copper on black metal158 viewsThe dark orange of the foil lined glass is a perfect foil for the almond shaped Celtic design copper beads. No gold or silver is needed to create the drama of the three colour shades of burnt orange, copper and black, in these stunning earrings.
$26.00 AU
Jasper_peach_blossom_vermeil_gold_beads_necklace.jpg Spotted Peach Blossom Jasper necklace with vermeil gold Balinese pipes and beads.50 viewsThe Spotted Peach Blossom Jasper feature stone contrasts dark green and apricot pink against the strong gold of the 24ct Balinese vermeil beads. Not heard of vermeil? It means solid sterling silver with a heavy coating of gold. The coating is many times thicker than gold plate and so has a much better 'last' than gold plate. The Balinese beads in this necklace are simply gorgeous. You can wear this one off necklace knowing that you will never bump into another.
Necklace $95.00 AU
Pearls_dark_blue_potato_11mm_large_Bali_bead_and_clasp_necklace_with_earrings.jpg Dark blue 11mm potato pearl necklace with stunning Balinese feature bead and clasp with matching earrings.117 viewsThis is the most stunning pearl necklace I have made to date. The peals are big and have enough impact to carry the beautiful Balinese clasp and feature centre bead. The matching earrings are stunning in their own right.
Necklace SOLD
and earrings $29.00 AU AVAILABLE
Pearls_dark_red_11mm_ovals_Bali_silver_necklace_and_earrings.jpg Dark red 11mm oval pearl necklace with feature Balinese sterling silver beads and matching earrings.16 viewsThe dark red pearls a big and beautiful as well as a lovely quality. All the beads and the clasp are solid sterling silver from Bali. The focus bead has stars and moons. The earrings also feature Balinese beads and connectors. To feel very special, enjoy these one off designs knowing that you are wearing something unique.
Necklace $85.00 AU and earrings 35.00 AU
pearls_dark_red_plum_ovals_10mm_sterling_silver_Bali_beads_bracelet.jpg Dark red pearl and sterling silver bracelet.53 viewsPearls dark red plum ovals 10mm sterling silver Bali beads bracelet.
This bracelet is made from a lovely shade of peep purple red cultured pearls, with sterling silver Balinese beads for relief.
$40.00 AU
Pearls_silver_6mm_ovals_x_3_strands_MOP_flower_carved_clasp_necklace.jpg Silver 6mm ovals pearls x 3 strands -MOP flower carved clasp44 viewsThis is a beautiful necklace consisting of three strands of dark silver 6mm oval pearls teamed with a carved mother of pearl clasp. The metal is silver toned.
Necklace $120.00 AU
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